How To Do Yoga At Home

By Trish Holden

Wouldn’t you just love to be one of those people who regularly practice yoga at home? Simply being able to center oneself with ease. In this article I will share 7 tips with you, to help you become one of those people.


1. Get Your Yoga Accessories

To be completely honest, If you are wondering how to do yoga at home, all you really need is a good yoga mat. My advice would be to find one that’s non-slip. Be mindful when searching for your perfect mat that typically paying a little more does mean your mat will be more slip resistant.

If you’re just starting out, blocks are great but if space is limited these can easily be replicated by using cushions/blankets/pillows or even a stacks of books. Just be creative and ensure you get on that mat 🙂


2. Create A Peaceful Spot For Your Yoga Practice

Having your mat unrolled on the floor all the time can be inviting especially if you’re lucky enough to have space at home to dedicate to your yoga.

Most of us though will have to be more flexible when finding a spot to practice yoga at home. This will preferably be where you have plenty of space around you and where it’s quiet and peaceful.

I like to create a bit of atmosphere with candles or an incense stick. This is by no means necessary but I just find these appeal to my senses and make me feel more peaceful.

You will find being at home there will be no shortage of distractions so be creative 🙂 and make sure you get on that mat no matter what and enjoy your practice. 🙂


 3. Stay Safe, Prevent Injury

Always be mindful of your boundaries especially of your body’s vulnerable areas – neck, spine, hips, knees. If you begin to feel any painful sensations, adjust, soften and come out of the pose and whatever you do, do not push or force.

Before you attempt more advanced poses ensure you warm up properly and continually check that it is feeling OK to be in that pose. During transitions – these are times where we can be complacent as we tend to pay less attention to our movements and alignment.


4. Choose Your Yoga Style / Routine

So, have you thought about what you’re going to do when you’re on your mat? Perhaps a better question is ‘what does my mind and body need?

The more you practice, the more you will discover the effects each routine has and the more you will learn to recognize what your mind and body needs.

I have found this online course particularly helpful in creating good routines. The crazy thing is I also lost 13 pounds while doing it  🙂 So I can’t recommend this enough.

Try not to get caught up on the class descriptions by looking for the perfect class …. they don’t exist.

This online course is so much fun and perfect for helping you discover yoga and discovering poses.  In time, you will become more experienced and in tune with what your mind and body need and when.

5. Make Your Practice Enjoyable

There is loads of research to back this up. If you enjoy what you do you will make time to do it.
Don’t over do it; life is busy and it seems to be getting busier all the time so making time for you is so important.
Time on the mat, investing in you will help you find balance and perspective which you will then be able to apply to your life off the mat.

6. Practice Yoga Regularly

For some of you reading this, getting on the mat every day will seem really manageable and for others, three times a week is the magic number. If you can only manage once a week that’s awesome too!! This is not a pass or fail – it’s a journey which I would love for you to enjoy! So set yourself up for success by setting manageable goals and remember 10 minutes yoga practice is still time on the mat 🙂


 7. Relax After Yoga Practice

You can feel unnecessarily wired after a yoga practice, especially if it has been an intense session. It important to give your body time to relax as the nervous system needs time to assimilate the soothing benefits it has gained during the practice.

Enjoy your Journey x