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Sciatic back pain

Are you finding your sciatic nerve pain is affecting your ability to have a good, restful and refreshing night sleep?  If you’re lucky enough to get to sleep, are you being woken by the pain caused by any little movement and disrupting that your bodies natural repair process? Maybe you’re beginning to feel a lot of […]

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Imagine you have found yourself 3000 feet above the city.It’s a beautiful crisp morning and as you stand there overlooking the city below, you can make out the people beginning to go about their day. The rubbish trucks and sweepers are doing their rounds and taxis are starting to hustle.Up here it is quiet and […]

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Yoga Stones

Here’s Our Top Ten Restorative Yoga Workouts Life can be all consuming at times. Especially In this day and age with technology everywhere we turn. Slowly but surely, our working weeks are consuming the time we once had to our-self’s.How can you give of yourself if you have nothing left to give?We believe it is soooo important, […]

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Sciatic nerve pain

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