Best Beginner Yoga Online: My Yoga Burn Review


My Dads a construction worker, He has rough hands, a weathered face and hard work ethic. He’s my Teddybear and a big softy. For most of my life, I have watched him go through some pretty crappy times. Even from early in his career, he had back problems.  He’s managed the pain through this, with medication, physio treatments, and strapping to his back. At its worst, it has even seen him spending weeks at a time on bed rest.




Hey, I’m Sarah! I’m here to give you my review of the Yoga Burn workout and how this has literally changed my life.

It turns out that I inherited dad’s bad back. My lower back has taken me to some pretty dark places … even the strongest of medication at times only provided light relief. If you’ve suffered from back pain you will know exactly what I mean when I say the pain is inescapable.


How I Stumbled Across Yoga Burn

I had started a new job and was nowhere near as active as I had been. My back at the time had been feeling pretty good. I knew if I didn’t find time to include some kind of fitness into my day, I was setting myself up for a whole lot of avoidable pain.

After searching the internet for the perfect program. I discovered that the options are literally endless and it is Sooo easy to feel overwhelmed by what’s available.

For the first few weeks, I tried various youtube channels with mixed results.They were mainly for advanced Yogis. The ones that professed to be for beginners, didn’t feel very intuitive or responsive enough to teach a beginner yoga.

The funny thing was, in that short time I also discovered how the gentle stretching and breathing techniques of Yoga had really helped……..amazingly the dull aching in my lower back had all but disappeared !!

Out of complete frustration at lunch with a friend one afternoon. I was having a rant when she shared she had found herself in a similar place.

In her search for a beginner yoga program, she had discovered Yoga burn by Zoe Brey Cotton. Because of her recommendation and the frustration I was feeling I didn’t hesitate and I jumped in boots and all.




Don’t you hate buying something and then having to wait weeks for it to arrive? Well, I’m exactly the same. 🙂

What I loved is because this is available in two formats as soon as I had made my payment I was able to get started.

From memory, it was about two weeks later when the hard copies arrived.

I don’t ever use these, as the digital content gives me superior flexibility. It’s compatible with my iPhone, tablet and even laptop. This allows me to set myself up anywhere at home.

If I want to mix things up, in the weekend I try and find a quiet spot at the park or beach. It’s just perfect!!

My Package Included:

3 Bonus packages:

•Burn Follow-Along Audio Classes – This was perfect Once I had mastered the step-by-step educational pose tutorials in the Yoga Burn program.

• Tranquility Flow – DVD set of sequences and poses designed specifically to act as a real-life reset button for any time you need relief of the stress that comes along with your busy, on-the-go life

• Yoga Burn Monthly – DVD set of how to master major styles of Yoga including Restorative, Hatha, Kundalini, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Iyengar. There is a major focus on teaching you how to maximize the life-changing benefits each of these fascinating styles of yoga can deliver.


 Click here to check if these are still available 


• The Yoga Burn Program – This is a Staged program with 3 phases.
This is perfectly designed for someone looking for a beginner yoga program whilst providing exceptional value for those already experienced. The three Phases are:

The three Phases are:

  • 1 : Foundational Flow
  • 2 : Transitional Flow
  • 3 : Mastery Flow




I was pleasantly surprised by the ease of which the program begins. Even tho I was looking for a beginner Yoga course it’s really clear from the get go that you going on a journey.

I found it really easy-to-follow throughout the 12-week video series. It was amazing how it intuitively progressed as I become more confident in the poses.

What I love the most, is this hasn’t been designed for people that are after a quick fix with their health. It helps you build towards a sustainable exercise routine with a holistic view on your health both physically and mentally.




I discovered that the Yoga Burn Program is staged into 3 phases and perfectly designed for someone beginning yoga. It also provides exceptional value for those already experienced and looking to take things to the next level.

  • Phase 1: Foundational Flow: In the first four weeks the course is designed to teach you the foundation of a strong yoga practice. I highly recommend taking your time in the Foundational Flow. As the name suggests it’s this step which lays the solid yoga foundation which everything else is built off. So it’s well worth taking your time to get this right. Remember it shouldn’t HURT.


  • Phase 2: Transitional Flow: Targets transitions from one pose to the next. Teaching how to link poses together. It’s not long before you really begin to notice the difference it is making to your Upper body, Lower Body, and Core.


  • Phase 3 : Mastery Flow: This is more repetitive with its poses which is designed to really encourage the desired muscle to fatigue. This is where the Burn from the Yoga Burn comes from. In this phase, I noticed the greatest results in seeing my mussels shape being refined and I also lost a little weight too 🙂


I found it easy to incorporate this into my day.But there were definitely days when I didn’t feel like I nailed it. This is normal so don’t be too hard on yourself when this happens. Just rinse and repeat the following day before progressing. Remember to enjoy the journey and have fun. 🙂




Value for money


Ease of Use




I have, to be honest, I didn’t really find any faults with The Yoga Burn Program. It provides exceptional value as a beginner yoga program. I was taken on a wonderful journey from being a complete novice through to being experienced and confident on the mat.

As you now know I have a history of back problems. So naturally I was worried this might aggravate things but I’m thrilled to say it only strengthened as the course progressed !!




Well, thanks for reading this Yoga Burn review. I hope it answered any questions you may have but if you do have any questions please do feel free to leave me a comment below.

Sarah xxo