• ​PVC-free mat
  • Best grip on the market
  • Above average for size
  • Perfect for high-intensity, hot, and restorative yoga


  • Etched system may not suit all body types
  • ​It’s a little on the pricey side

Why You Will Never Be Normal On A Liforme Yoga Mat 

Liforme Product specs

When we researched yoga mats for our review of how to choose The Best Yoga Mat review. We had the opportunity to put the Liforme yoga mat through its paces.

Here is our liforme Yoga mat review 🙂

YES!! we were impressed by what it offered, so we thought that we would go into a little more detail as to why the Liforme really is a leader in its field.

For a yoga mat that has only been around for the past 18 months the Liforme Yoga mat has made a real name for itself. Especially in yoga studios around the country. 

If your only beginning your yoga journey you might find the price point of this mat a little on the high side. So if this is the case it may be worth taking a look at the Manduka ProLite

Whats so Special About Liforme?

As a company they have a desire to innovate and have a hunger for perfection. This is evident for all to see through the products they create to enhance the way people live.

The liforme yoga mat is testament to this belief and after years of research, design and development they have really pushed boundaries to create a superb mat which is set apart.

Why Is Liforme Yoga Mat So Highly Rated?

1. Sustainable and Non Toxic

Liforme Yoga Mat Review

In this day and age we are increasingly aware of the effects we are having on our world and its environment. This is at the core of Liforme’s Values.

So when creating the Lifome Yoga mat. There has clearly been a lot of time and effort made to ensure that the materials used are both naturally sourced and sustainable.

It is PVC-Free, which means there are no nasty metals. By implementing a revolutionary heat bonding process they have eliminated the need for toxic glues to bind the top layer to the base.

One other cool thing about this design is, they have thoughtfully considered the kind of yogi that would use this mat.

Instead of printing the unique Alignforme design on its surface, it has been cleverly etched into the mats surface so there's no need to worry about this fading away over the course of its life.

2. Grip Like A Ninja

Liforme Yoga Mat

One of the most important function of any Yoga mat is to provide.....


​With its "Gripforme" material its the grippiest Yoga mat currently available and it preforms incredibly .

We would go as far as to say this is the best yoga mat for hot yoga hands down!! 

If your like me and you have a tendency to perspire while working out you will know all to well, how sliding around on your mat can not only reduce the effectiveness of your workout but also how dangerous it can be.

The Liforme offers a market leading Non Slip surface so even when your sweating you have confidence that your feet and hand will stay where they need to.

3. Liforme Yoga Mat Unique Alignforme System 

Liforme Yoga Mat

As you can see there are unique markings on the Liforme yoga mat. These have been specifically designed to help perfect your poses.

We found this to be especially helpful when doing some of the more difficult positions where alignment is important.

It provided a really good gauge as to where you need to be aligned. It also allows you to see the progress you are making over time, as you work to perfect or master a new pose.

Remember tho, just like in previous articles No pose or stretch should be painful.

So if your feeling like its beginning to hurt. Gently easy out of the stretch and come out of the position. 

4. Size Does Matter

​Another point of difference is the lifome has been designed slightly longer and wider than traditional mats.

When we heard this, we automatically were a little apprehensive about the practicalities of this as a lot of our practice is being done in apartments and crowded Yoga classes.

In realty though its only a few inches longer and wider so it doesn't feel like your stealing other peoples precious space.

You might be wondering does this makes any difference?

Yes it totally does !!

We were really surprised how only adding a few inches was able make you feel like you had so much more space!! This meant we didn't need to worry about bumping into other yogis in crowed classes.

Mat Size

Standard : 72.8" long x 26.8" wide and 4.2mm (0.16") thick.

5. Extra Stability, Cushioning And Support

I'm a little bony, so with any mat that I typically use I always check that I'm going to have sufficient padding. 

There is nothing worse that having to come out of a position just because your bony bits are not cushioned. Plus no one wants bruising because of a mat with poor support.

The liforme is 4.5mm thick yoga mat which isn't the thickest mat on the market.

However due to its unique makeup which comprises of a cushioned felt layer that is sandwiched between a strong natural rubber base and the top layer of the mat.

I found that this provided a fairly deep cushion but still a very solid and stable practicing surface.​

What Are the Liforme Yoga Mat Faults?

Make no mistake this is a market leader for good reason. Its no fluke that the liforme yoga mat has become so popular in yoga studios nation wide.

Not surprisingly the hot yoga community love this mat for the grip it offers. Especially in warm environments where the liforme's competitors are left behind. I could only find two faults with the Liforme yoga mat....

1. One size all system

The unique Aligneforme system which is etched into the mat is a one size fits all design and it may not be suitable for all body sizes.

2. Price

It has been designed for yogis who are serious about their practice which may put this mat out of reach of those just beginning their journey. ​



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