Imagine you have found yourself 3000 feet above the city.

It’s a beautiful crisp morning and as you stand there overlooking the city below, you can make out the people beginning to go about their day. The rubbish trucks and sweepers are doing their rounds and taxis are starting to hustle.

Up here it is quiet and peaceful.

As the sun begins to rise a beam of sunlight hits your back and begins to soak through your clothes. As the warmth hits your skin you smile.

Do you remember the last time you had a moment like this to yourself?

Life Is Busy

In this fast passed world, we live in. It’s so easy to get caught racing from one moment to the next and in doing so neglect ourselves.

It’s not all doom and gloom but if you work backward from the time we have left (yes we all die) then it really does help to keep things in perspective.

Ok, that’s probably a little dreary but this really got me thinking.......

While we can’t definitively choose how and when our time is up. We NEED to start thinking long term with our health and wellness by creating a legacy lifestyle. Simply put, there’s no point living a long life if there’s no quality to it.

Living a balanced lifestyle

I’m on the cusp of 40 ....but even at my spritely age if I don’t maintain some kind of active living. I find there are mornings where I literally have to resort to lying on my bed to get my damn socks on!! I have learned that I’m at my best when I’m living a balanced lifestyle.

The amazing thing is, once you have been able to learn what a good balance feels like, when the pressure comes on, you're equipped to quickly identify what you need to get through.

This in itself is empowering.

Creating a Legacy Lifestyle

​Because we are often in the moment it can be hard to think about tomorrow, let alone what you will be doing in 10 years time.

Creating legacy lifestyle in its simplest form is making small changes often, in the way we currently do things which will have a long term payoff .

As an example this could be cutting sugar from your morning coffee or taking your trainers to work and going for a walk in your lunch break. The key is for the changes to be sustainable . 

So as part of creating my legacy lifestyle, I researched the benefits of Yoga for men. My hope was it would help with the stresses of work I had been experiencing and the tight mussels and back pain that affect me from time to time.

I know for some of you reading this your eyes will be rolling at the thought of going to yoga class. I was in exactly the same boat so I resorted to doing yoga at home until I had a basic grasp on things.

There is one FREE workout video I recommend if your starting out which i have put at the bottom of the post.

The Countdown Of The Top 5 Benefits of Yoga For Men 

Benefits of Yoga For Men No 5.

Reminds You Of What Good Feels Like

I will be first to admit that I did to get the odd ache and pain here and there, but who doesn't right? The crazy thing is that within the first week of integrating yoga into my daily routine, I realized that what I thought was normal and came to accept didn't need to be my reality. I haven't felt this great in a very long time. Good Feels Amazing!!

Benefit of Yoga For Men No 4.

Reduced Stress and Anxiety

Without being consciously aware of it, our mussels tense up in reaction to stress. This is the body’s way of protecting itself from pain and injury.

In my current job there is a lot of conflict, so if you’re not on your game it will bite you in the arse hard.

Early on in the job I remember not understanding why I was so exhausted. Looking back I can now see this was simply because my body was in such a stressed state at work that when I got home, it was finally able to relax from its tense state.

There are still days when I’m at yoga and going through a routine focusing on my breathing where I can literally feel the tension in my mussels dissipate.

The only way I can describe this feeling would be to compare it to the difference between the weightlessness of being in a bath compared to the feeling you get as the water drains out as gravity slowly takes full effect.

It’s Amazing!!

Benefits of Yoga For Men No 3.

Control and Self Awareness

Often this is the one benefit that people bang on about when they are trying to convince men of the benefits of yoga.

Because performance in the bedroom obviously isn’t something we tend to discuss openly with one another so it’s hard to gauge its full effectiveness.

Personally, I believe it does.....

Because Yoga alleviates the physical and emotional stress that builds up it makes sense that when you become more in tune with how you feel and what your feeling that it allows you to develop a deeper connection. Not only physically but emotionally with your partner.

From experience this allows me to be more in tune with the sensations I’m feeling and this helps me in the heat of the moment to slow down, concentrate on my breathing and most importantly, be more in tune with my partner's needs.

Benefits of Yoga For Men No 2.

Reduced Mussel Tension and Increased Flexibility

I love walking trails and almost without fail in the days following these adventures my hamstrings tighten which in turn plays havoc on my lower back.This has, on occasion, resulted in bed rest and a whole variety of pain relief medication.

With my new found love of Yoga and the flexibility that I have gained, I no longer have problems with my back. When getting ready for work in the mornings I’m happy to report that I can now put my socks on without having to lay on my back 🙂 

Benefits Of Yoga For Men No 1.

Increased Mindfulness and Awareness

As Men, we often get caught up in the moment and overlook what our bodies are telling us.

Women, on the other hand, tend to be far more in tune with their bodies. Perhaps this is why overwhelmingly they outnumber us at gyms, yoga studios and even outlive us.

Yoga has an amazing ability to help you rediscover the link between your body and mind. The cool thing about this is it a skill which transfers from the mat to normal everyday life.

You will quickly begin to recognize how different situations, people and even food can have an effect your body. I have noticed when I am in tune with myself I am able to see people for what they are and extend grace where once I would have faught tooth and nail.

This has also helped when work kicks up a level. I can now recognize when I’m taking on to much and find it much easier to step back a bit. I have also begun to incorporate things into my weeks which I find invigorating and refreshing.

For example, a walk in the park or a date night with my wife, as these things always help me to remember what s important.

Remember Guys, life is for living ....we really do need to get better at being able to enjoy the journey.

​Thanks for making it to the end!!

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